Carolina Cares | The Powers Family

Our amazing fans Renee and Broughton Powers recently lost everything in a house fire and need our help!

A little background: we are Fleetwood and Ducati James, brothers and rappers from the Carolinas who have been making music for years. Only very recently have we gained enough traction to start building a fanbase, and we are incredibly blessed to be in this position. While we love and appreciate all of our fans, we have a special place in our hearts for Renee and Broughton.

Let us make one thing clear: Renee and Broughton have never asked us for anything. When they first contacted us, it was simply to tell us how much they enjoyed our music and that they were saving up money to buy tickets to our show. At that point, we asked them more about their financial situation. They told us about how their house had recently burnt down. How they lost all of their possessions as a result of the fire. How they couldn’t make payments on their car. How they were forced to rent an abandoned home. How their landlord failed to disclose to them that he was a sex offender. How he has illegally and continuously raised their rent because he knows they have no other options. And the list goes on…

If there was ever a perfect example of people who deserve for good things to happen to them, it’s this wonderful family. We started Carolina Cares because, unfortunately, we can’t fix their situation on our own.

Thank you all in advance for your donations. It means a lot to us and I know we speak for Renee and Broughton when we say it means a lot to them as well.


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Additionally, a portion of proceeds from ALL MERCHANDISE SOLD ONLINE will go directly to the Powers Family. Visit our Official Chakhead Store to see what’s available!